Alarm systems are not your only defense when it comes to home security. Another line of defense is the lock system at your home’s entrance. This is why one of the first pieces of security advice that an authority would give you when you move into a new home or apartment is to change the locks. There are two main reasons for this.

Reasons For Updating Locks
First, if your current door lock is not already a Grade 1 deadbolt, then it is imperative to make sure that you upgrade it with a Grade 1 lock. These are tested by the ANSI and are guaranteed to offer you certain quality standards over other locks.

Second, you never know if someone else has a copy of the key to your door. Whether it be a former tenant or someone who was able to copy the former resident’s key, you will feel a little more peace of mind knowing that only you and/or your management has a copy of your key.

Key Control
To take things a step further you can look into something known as key control. This can help bolster home security because it limits who can make copies of the keys to your home. There are even some apartment landlords who use this type of system on the keys to their tenants’ apartments. Most of the time a key can be copied without consent of the resident.

Having key control means that only you the homeowner or someone you have preauthorized can have duplicate keys made.   Manufacturers of key control lock systems get utility patents. This controls the actual sale of their “blank” or uncut keys. When there is a utility patent it makes it illegal for any third party to cut a key for the patented lock, meaning that only locksmiths specifically contracted by the manufacturer can duplicate the key. A record keeping system ensures that no one but you and people that you specify can request a duplicate copy of a key.

Why Use Key Control
You never know who could have made a copy of a spare key–from a mechanic who temporarily held your keys while your car was being fixed, to fired help who used to work in your home, to ex-acquaintances who may have had a copy of your key in the past. In most cases, a person can go to a local retail or hardware store and get a duplicate made without permission from the original key owner. Key control is a great security measure that can help to prevent this.

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