2. With regard to filings from outside the European Union, Article 13 is not applicable and is replaced by the following provision: Any dispute or controversy relating to, in relation to or under this agreement, which cannot be resolved amicably between the parties, falls within the jurisdiction of the competent national court of the party , who would be the potential defendant in a final proceeding in this matter. The choice of law is the case of the competent national court. Each party may, in any jurisdiction, obtain the authorization of a government authority in accordance with this section 5.3, to ask the competent government authority to pay all the cash payments it provides with respect to the essential government contracts in which it is involved in a deposit account of material subject to an account control agreement (if these accounts are then subject to an account control agreement). All amounts recorded on one of the material deposit accounts on each hardware deposit account are no less often paid into one of the hardware deposit accounts once a week. The agreement to deposit and distribute plasmid is an agreement between your institution and Addgene, which contains the following three sections: 4. If the depositor has no proof of compliance with the legislation in force under the Nagoya Protocol at the time of filing in the COLLECTION, the COLLECTION will inform the Belgian competent authority that the biological materials have been accepted in the COLLECTION because of its scientific or socio-economic importance. , but without the proper documentation. The depositor also informs its competent national authority and reserves a copy of this information.

6. COLLECTION receives and is ready to keep the ORIGINAL MATERIAL in detention. The COLLECTION assigns a unique identifier to THE MATERIAL and records it in its public catalogue. In agreement with THE DEPOSITOR, THE COLLECTION will make available to the public data and information on the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. 1. THE DEPOSITOR is ready to deposit the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT in the COLLECTION repository. COLLECTION has the right to retain, study and treat THE MATERIAL under the conditions defined in this MDA. For specific conditions, please read an example of the agreement below. Please note that the terms and format of this agreement may have changed.

The BCCM`s deposit policy supports the mission of Belgian collections, including the deposit, conservation and distribution of microbiological and genetic material. The deposit policy organizes the contractual relationship between the BCCM and applicants of organic materials. b. DEPOSITOR: a natural or legal person who has filed original DOCUMENTS under the responsibility of COLLECTION. The deposit policy is translated into the DOCUMENT DEPOSIT AGREEMENT (MDA). The MDA contains the terms and conditions for depositing biological material in a BCCM public collection. 7. COLLECTION strives to maintain the MATERIAL optimally. It is clear that biological materials are subject to contingencies, so there is no explicit or implied guarantee that the material will be conserved in a timely manner. 12.La version of the MDA applicable to MATERIAL is the version in effect at the time of filing at the time of the signing of the DEPOSIT FORM by the DEPOSITOR Convention on Biological Diversity and its Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing 5. DEPOSITOR accepts the terms and conditions of the MDA by placing the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT under the responsibility of the COLLECTION and by completing the DE DÉPÔT FORMAT. 2.

DEPOSITOR confirms that it has legally acquired, acquired or discovered the ORIGINAL DOCUMENT. Specifically, and if necessary, the depositor will comply with the laws and regulations that flow from the Nagoya Protocol to the Convention on Biological Diversity.