The buyer and seller agree that the terms of this contract, including all exhibitions, constitute the entire agreement between the parties. (b) The performance, supply and delivery of the contract by the seller has been duly authorized by all necessary measures on behalf of the seller and is not in contradiction with a violation of any of the conditions or resulting in a delay in a document, instrument or agreement involving the seller. (g) The seller agrees to compensate the buyer for and against any claim by a broker or other party that asserts an interest in the aircraft or the purchase price resulting from a real or alleged or contractual relationship or agreement with the seller. CONSIDERING that the seller wishes to sell the aircraft to the buyer (as defined in point 1.1 a) and that the buyer wishes to buy it from the seller under the conditions provided; and the seller wishes to exchange all rights, securities and shares of the seller in the aircraft for other aircraft of the same nature and qualifying uses, in accordance with section 1031 of the internal income code. In order to promote these rights, the seller expressly reserves the right to exercise his rights, but not his obligations, in accordance with IRC Reg. 1.103l (k) -l (g) (4) to be sold to Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC, a qualified intermediary. The representations, guarantees, alliances and agreements of the buyer and seller will survive the conclusion for the long term. Re: _____________N______________ Under this particular aircraft purchase agreement (the “contract”), the date- date and after and between ________In reference to the above aircraft (the “aircraft”) confirms that the purchaser has completed its inspection of the aircraft on that date. The total purchase price of the aircraft is NOW, THEREFORE, taking into account the commitments and mutual agreements it contains and for other good and valuable counterparties, the parties agree: (c) If the aircraft is properly and in a timely positioning at the place of delivery and in execution of all commitments and agreements of the seller (i) of the buyer , the purchase price must be less than exeter 1031 Exchange Services. , LLC, the designated qualified intermediary ordered by the Seller, by electronic transfer, and (ii) The seller and buyer will immediately order the Escrow agent to file the FAA sales invoice in the Civil Aircraft Register, b) to have a date and file the registration application for the aircraft and (c) to disclose the warranty sales account to the purchaser. At the same time, the buyer will execute an aircraft delivery voucher (by fax and mail) as Appendix C and deliver it to the seller in the attached form. The risk of loss, accident, liability or damage to the aircraft is considered to be related to the delivery of the delivery voucher to the buyer to the buyer (i.e.

the “closing date” and the closing date is the end date). 1.1 (a) Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, the seller undertakes to sell and deliver the buyer and the buyer agrees to purchase and take all rights to the seller. The title and interest in and for this specific registration number – and the FAA registration number N__________; with two ________Modellmotoren bearing the manufacturer`s serial numbers, and all equipment, features, accessories, instruments and components as well as any other parts attached to them, all bulk equipment and spare parts, as well as all aircraft documents referred to in point 1.1 b) and, furthermore, described in Appendix A (all the above items are described above). which are referred to as “airplane”) together.