Abstract #2001500 Digitization TCN: Collaborative Research: Building a global consortium of bryophytes and lichens: keystones of cryptobiotic communities UT is a member of the Academic Common Market (ACM). The Common Academic Market is an agreement between the Southern States for the sharing of unique programmes. Participating states can arrange for their residents, who are fully admitted to certain UT programs, to register on the basis of government studies when these programs are not available in the state of residence. For more information about the CMA, visit the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) website at www.sreb.org/. Please report errors in attribution information by writing to: awardsearch@nsf.gov. Minority Scholarships To promote student diversity, students from under-represented minority judgments are available. To be eligible, a candidate must be a full-time student. Student financial assistance is the same as for a scientific staff member at the same level (MS or PhD). In the first year, the SS student has no work needs, but in the second year he becomes a researcher and works 20 hours a week on a research project. At the doctoral level, the student is 2 years old without a job.

An EU student who is simultaneously registered with the Union with another eligible body receives a prize for the total number of hours registered. Registration Service Phone: (931) 393-7228 Free: 1-888-822-UTSI ext. 37228 FAX: (931)393-7407 E-mail: admit@utsi.edu The following forms are available on this website for mandatory use for students: (Deadline: applications must be submitted by the fall by June 30). Gem Fellowships Candidates who have received a GEM MS Fellowship from the National Consortium for Graduate Education for Minorities in Engineering are considered for a UTSI fellowship to complement the GEM Fellowship to make the overall award equivalent to the GRA scholarship at the MS level. GEM Fellows in the PhD program are generally supported based on funding levels for GRA students. These awards are available to American students. (Deadline: GEM applications at Notre Dame headquarters, until December 1; no deadline for the UTSI Supplemental Fellowship.) At the University of the Union, the IRP consists of the Clerk, the Director of Student Admission and the Director of the University of Financial Planning of students or their appointed substitutes. A first 12-month period for scientific staff offers tuition, maintenance, health insurance and a scholarship. If a student qualifies for the HOPE Scholarship, he or she may also be eligible for one of two additional awards: the $1,000 General Assembly or the $1,500 ASPIRE Award.