Tantari joined the organization at the end of 2017 and has since been a leader in digital transformation. Previously, he worked at Boots and previously at Experian, the IT manager is aware of the challenges and opportunities each organization faces during a journey of technological transformation, and has used it in the financial services field to develop travelex-Instore-, Online-, Mobile and ATM-Channels and Solutions. Tantari, who called 2018 a “fantastic year,” told us about Travelex`s headquarters in Kings Cross, where he recorded a “5 minutes with” Q and A video for the company`s intranet the day before. This is shared with various blogs and newsletters with Travelex employees around the world as part of an internal communications offensive that Tantari believes is essential to cope with the changes and culture changes associated with the company`s travel. These high demands are not only creating Travelex`s vast landscape, but also the network of partners and customers and the industry are becoming increasingly open. “It`s inevitable: you can`t deliver everything on your own,” Tantari says. They need to work with customers, partners and suppliers – the key is to understand how to make the best use of technology and whether we should build it or buy it ourselves. We really ask our partners to comply with strict requirements when they board. In addition, Travelex has made significant progress in automation, both in terms of improving delivery time and producing quality for customers and partners. Automation is also used to migrate data, saving partners time while enhancing security in the process. “Automation eliminates some of the human activities,” Tantari said, but it should focus on removing administrative tasks. Ultimately, we still need engineers to help us in our work and to inform us about effective automation, and so we focus on being part of the activities that are part of the actual results of automation. This in itself is a change: some people must of course understand that their work needs to change, but it moves from a more results-oriented orientation, which is essential.

Sign up today to unlock the company`s full accounts Travelex`s main driver of transformation has, of course, been the customer experience, as consumer behavior is changing rapidly. “We`re seeing a big change,” Tantari says. “People are moving cash and tickets to more digital solutions. At the end of the day, there is a shift towards self-service – that is where we really focus from a technological point of view. Customers today are looking for a smooth and fluid journey when it comes to truly acting with any company or organization. For us, it is important to understand different types of customers: for example, our offline customers compared to online customers. Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages – Charges, Director – Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership – Group Stucture. Plus unlimited updates and free documents! In these new developments, which increase the efficiency of Travelex, we must not underestimate the importance of people. More recently, Travelex has undergone a successful restructuring of its technology team.

Tantari said it was necessary to ensure that the right people covered the necessary disciplines that Travelex had identified as those that would help advance its future strategic ambitions both in technology and as a company.