The Colleges Collective Bargaining Act of 2008 qualifies the College Employer Council ( as a bargaining partner for Ontario colleges in negotiations with the union (OPSEU), which represents university staff at colleges. On request, the college makes available a copy of this directive in another format. You can find a PDF version of your current collective agreement here: 2017-2021 Academic Collective Agreement. If you have any questions about the collective agreement and are a member of fanshawe College, please contact us. The university is convinced that employees benefit from the full use of the days off they earned during the year. This directive aims to facilitate the consideration and use by workers of the leave to which they are entitled and which they have accumulated each year. If you are a full-time or part-time faculty member at Fanshawe College, you are covered by the federal Academic Employees Collective Agreement (CA). It is a legally binding contract: it defines the rights and obligations you have as a member of the bargaining unit, as well as the rights and obligations of your employer. The treaty is implemented through legally binding dispute resolution mechanisms, such as grievance arbitration (Article 32) and Workload Resolution Arbitration (WRA).

Download Administrator Employment Conditions For any policy issues or concerns, please contact the policy sponsor. You can find the contact information in the phone list. The faculty of partial charges should pay particular attention to section 26. We have also prepared a FAQ. Directors` terms and conditions apply to all full-time and full-time employees at Niagara College. Regular full-time work is defined as work in progress with the college, subject to dismissal, de-staffing or retirement. Printed copies of the 2017-2021 Workers` Academic Collective Agreement have been distributed to all current full-time faculties. Fanshawe will provide a copy of the partially contaminated faculty at the beginning of his next contract.

The full-time faculty can refer to our FAQ. The salary grid is in section 14. Full-time professors find the provisions of section 11.