The epel respository enables access to required third-party packages. Once epel has been enabled we continue to install Check_MK by placing the download package somewhere on your server. Note (I): All packages are platform independent. The source codes are only contained in the complete tarball. Note (II): We do not provide the agent installers and packages as dedicated downloads anymore, but they are packed in the complete tarball. Users of OMD can find the all agents, agent installers and plugins below the path share/check_mk/agents. If you are using our subscription builds, you can download the agents from the Agent Bakery.Note (III): To be able to compile Livestatus, you need at least GCC 5 or clang 3.4. On most distributions these compilers are available from addon repositories or third party sources. The next step is to add the element that you would like to monitor and in order to do this we will have to install the unique Check_MK agent on the host that we want to monitor. In our case, we will download the agent for CentOS because we want to monitor the server which is running the Check_MK server. This agent can be accessed at the following link: IP_server/firstsite/check_mk/agents/ or from the Monitoring Agents section in WATO. From any of those locations you can download agents for multiple platforms and a rich collection of plug-ins.

In our case we will execute the installation by running: Here you can download the original source files of Checkmk which only contain the source code of Checkmk itself, MK Livestatus, Web GUI and the Event Console (mkeventd). Hinweis (I): Alle Pakete sind plattformunabhängig. Der Quellcode sind nur innerhalb der vollständigen Tarballs zu finden. Hinweis (II): Wir bieten Pakete für den Agenten nicht mehr als eigenstädige Downloads mehr an, aber verpacken Sie in den gesamten Tarball. Nutzer von OMD finden alle Agenten, Agenten-Installierer und Plug-ins unter dem Pfad share/check_mk/agents. Falls Sie eine Subskription von uns beziehen, können Sie die Agneten auch in der Agent Bakery herunterladen. Hinweis (III): Um Livestatus kompilieren zu können, benötigen Sie mindestens GCC 5 oder clang 3.4. Auf den meisten Distributionen sind diesem Compiler verfügbar über Add-on Paketquellen # yum install -y The Check_MK monitoring system is delivered in a bundle called OMD (Open Monitoring Distribution) and it is available for download as an installation kit for the most common Linux distributions. Those who would like to test the latest changes can choose the version from Git.

The download is available from the following links: We highly recommend using Checkmk only in combination with OMD. Therefore, please refer to the downloads named `Complete source code of Checkmk with OMD`. These source files are also available at the bottom of the download page of a respective version on our download overview page. You can also find the stand-alone source code of Checkmk here. These downloads are typically only relevant for you if you: Wir empfehlen Checkmk nur in Kombination mit OMD zu nutzen. Laden Sie dazu die Dateien mit dem Namen “Vollständiger Quellcode von Checkmk mit OMD” herunter. Den Quellcode finden Sie auch jeweils am Ende der Downloadsektion von den einzelnen Checkmk Versionen, wenn Sie die Version auf unser Downloadseite auswählen. Hier finden Sie auch den Quellcode nur von Checkmk selber ohne jegliche Abhängigkeiten, die notwendig sind für ein Funktionieren von Checkmk.